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VESDA smoke detection is an alternative to normal smoke detection.

There are many advantages of using VESDA over a normal smoke detection system. VESDA smoke detection offers ease of installation. The VESDA smoke detector can be installed at accessible locations. Aspirating pipe is then connected to the VESDA and installed in the same location as smoke detectors. A simple sampling hole within the pipe aspirating pipe network is the equivalent to a smoke detector. The sensitivity of the hole is determined by its size, the flow rate of air passing through the aspirating pipe network and the alarm thresholds. With all the intelligence built into the VESDA detector, there is little need to access the sampling points.

In addition to the lower cost of installation, interrogation and false alarm management is better managed with large event logs and smoke trend reporting. Any event can be fully interrogated, noting date, time and smoke levels. This works well for identifying the cause of alarm and also helps preventing future false alarms.

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