VESDA LAserScanner Detector offers:-
  • Pipe Zoning - Each pipe can be allocated to a separate zone
  • Up to 2000m2 of Coverage
  • Variable Fan Speed Control

Price: £38.6
Vesda Filter Cartridge
Part number: VSP-005

VESDA FilterThe VSP-005 VESDA Filter is a service replaceable item used on most VESDA detectors.


PLEASE NOTE: A programming device may be required to reset the filter counts once the filter is replaced

Price: £333.45
Vesda Scanner Display
Part number: VSP-004
VSP-004 Display Module for a Vesda Laser Scanner.
Display modules provide real-time indication of the status of a VESDA
detector. They have a 20-segment vertical bar graph display, a 2 digit numeric
display, an audible sounder, clear alarm and fault indicators. They also have 4
push button keys to control the detector and the mode of the display
The Display Module can be mounted into a detector unit, a remote mounting
box or a 19in sub rack. Several displays can be configured to display
information from a single detector in multiple locations
Price: £467
Vesda Remote Scanner Display 7 Relays
Part number: VRT-400
The VESDA display module monitors and reports the status of a detector, providing visual representation of smoke levels along with all alarm and fault conditions. The menu-driven VESDA Programmer allows the user to conveniently configure, commission and maintain the VESDA system, as well as program each individual detector.

Price: £541.8
Vesda Remote Scanner Display 12 Relays
Part number: VRT-800
Vesda -
Remote Scanner Display complete with Enclosure and 12 Relays

• 12 Programmable Relays
• Vesda LaserScanner Compatible
• VesdaNet Ready
• Provides Immediate Status Reporting for a Single VESDA Zone
• High Intensity Alarm LEDs
• 20-Segment Vertical Bar Graph Display
• Built-In Sounder for Audible Warning
• Multi-mode Numeric Display (defaults to smoke obscuration)
• Recessed Mounting Option
• Allows Zone Control of Assigned VESDA Detector
• Comprehensive Fault Reporting
• Alarm Threshold Indicators
• Remote Relay Option