VESDA LaserPlus range includes variants of a 4 pipe system capable of :-

  • Covering up to 2000m2
  • 200 metres of pipe
  • Variable Fan speed control
  • Class A, B and C detection capabilities

Price: £38.6
Vesda Filter Cartridge
Part number: VSP-005

VESDA FilterThe VSP-005 VESDA Filter is a service replaceable item used on most VESDA detectors.


PLEASE NOTE: A programming device may be required to reset the filter counts once the filter is replaced

Price: £333.45
Vesda Programmer
Part number: VSP-001

VSP001 - VESDA Programmer Module allows direct access to all VESDAnet devices on a VESDANet smoke detection network.
Allow across network detector configuration
Detector status reporting
This device is suitable for upgrading a VESDA VLP400 and VLP002

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Price: £525.15
Vesda Remote Display 7 Relays
Part number: VRT-200
VESDA VRT200 Remote Display provides real-time indication of the status of a remote VESDA detector.
Includes a 20-segment vertical bar graph display
2 digit numeric display, an audible sounder, clear alarm and fault indicators.
4 Control Buttons
The Display Module can be mounted into a detector unit, a remote mounting box or a 19in sub rack.
Several displays can be configured to display information from a single detector in multiple locations.

Price: £1599.99
Vesda Laser Plus Chassis
Part number: VLP-006
VESDA VLP Detector Chassis Assembly, includes manifold.