Sigma XT Satus Unit 10 Lamp - Mode Select - Gas Relase

Sigma XT Satus Unit 10 Lamp - Mode Select - Gas Relase
Part number: K911113M8
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The Sigma Si range of status indicators provide detailed status information for Sigma XT/XT+ extinguishant release control equipment.
All models provide high brightness, LED indication of Manual Only, Automatic and Manual, Hold operated, Disabled, Imminent and Released conditions. Models are also available with zonal fire indicators and a common fault indicator.
For systems where local control of the Automatic/Manual mode and or a Manual extinguishant release control are required, units are available with these controls fitted.
All models have monitored inputs for the remote connection of Automatic/ Manual mode and Hold switches.
All units contain a large, LED display which shows a countdown of the time remaining until the extinguishant is released in seconds.

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