Vesda Analytics Wire Trace Licence

Vesda Analytics Wire Trace Licence
Part number: VSW-803
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WireTrace Software Analytics

WireTrace is an optional software analytics that can be licensed for the VESDA-E series of aspirating smoke detectors. It provides targeted detection of particles released from slowly overheating PVC insulated wires. Detection of such particles will direct threat investigation to the primary source (i.e. electrical wires and/or cables), resulting in a faster response for ultimate asset protection and ensuring business continuity.

Realtime monitoring is possible with Xtralis VSM4, the PC-based solution
for integrated control and monitoring of Xtralis very early warning smoke detection systems, and iVESDA, a mobile application for iOS® and AndroidTM platforms. Notification of analytics events is provided via Xtralis VSM4, iVESDA, Xtralis VSC or a VESDA-E Analytics Relay Module VRT-X00*.

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