Vesda Analytics Diesel Trace Licence

Vesda Analytics Diesel Trace Licence
Part number: VSW-802
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DieselTrace is an optional software analytics that can be licensed for the VESDA-E series of aspirating smoke detectors. It provides targeted detection of diesel engine exhaust particles in abnormal scenarios, such as when a diesel engine is not fitted with particle filters, or the particle filter fitted to a diesel engine malfunctions.

Realtime monitoring is possible with Xtralis VSM4, the PC-based solution
for integrated control and monitoring of Xtralis very early warning smoke detection systems, and iVESDA, a mobile application for iOS® and AndroidTM platforms. Notification of analytics events is provided via Xtralis VSM4, iVESDA, Xtralis VSC or a VESDA-E Analytics Relay Module VRT-X00*.

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