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Hot Wire Test Box

Hot Wire Test Box
Part number: VTT-10000
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Xtralis Test Transformer VTT-10000 (previously known as the Hot Wire Test – Power Supply Unit (PSU)) is a tool used to test very early warning aspirated smoke detection equipment.
The unit generates a high current that passes through a test cable in order to heat it, which in turn causes its insulation to burn giving off smoke.
The maximum operating time for the unit is three minutes and then it must be left immediately to cool it off for a period of at least seven minutes.
On State: When the unit is turned on, the “POWER” indicator flashes a green light and the power is applied to the output terminals until the set time has elapsed.
Off State: Once the timer has timed out, the output is switched off and the “OUT” indicator illuminates a red light while the “POWER” indicator remains illuminated.

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